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Need For Urgent Action

 The world needs urgent and bold action to address the climate emergency. We have the knowledge necessary to draw down carbon in the atmosphere, regenerate the Earth’s ecosystems, and create shared wellbeing for all.

Yet, the state of the planet continues to worsen. The curve measuring carbon in the atmosphere continues to go straight up as we also confront a global pandemic; ocean acidification; extreme weather; increases in poverty and wealth, gender, and cultural inequality; rapid deforestation; and accelerating degradation of our natural world.

We need moral and spiritual leadership on a planetary scale to accomplish the systemic and transformational change required to overcome this emergency. We also need to recognize that a shift in consciousness is vital to enable action that addresses the root causes of our current crisis.

Fortunately, a catalytic event took place in Rome October 4, 2021 that is culminating in the launch of a new and potentially game-changing initiative: Our Planet Our Future.

Faith Leaders' Call

Before now, the world’s Faith Leaders have not weighed in with a unified voice, calling on humanity to take action to address climate change. That changed on October 4, 2021, when 40 of the world’s most senior Faith Leaders, representing more than 80% of the world’s population, signed a joint proclamation and called on all humanity to take urgent action on the climate emergency.

They said: “We have the moral obligation to cooperate in the healing of the planet. We need to act together to inspire and energize each other. Now it is the time to take transformative action as a common response. Future generations will never forgive us if we squander this precious opportunity. We have inherited a garden: we must not leave a desert to our children.”

Inspired by the call of the Faith Leaders, Our Planet Our Future was introduced as a new and exciting framework of hope and courage for believers and non-believers alike to respond to the call.


Our Planet Our Future

 Our Planet Our Future is being launched to inspire and engage at least 1.5 billion people to take urgent action on the climate emergency through a 10-Year Climate Action Campaign.

In addition to amplifying the Faith Leaders Call, Our Planet Our Future will serve as a campaign of campaigns. Our Planet Our Future has contracted with Media Monks, one of the largest and most successful media companies in the world, to promote the Faith Leaders Call and Our Planet Our Future as a worthy organization to encourage and coordinate responses through joint campaigns undertaken with many of the leading organizations in the Climate Movement.

  • Campaigns to help people make the consciousness shift and take action to transform the ways they are living, how they spend their money, and how they make their investments.
  • Campaigns to help people weigh in on the policies that need to be adopted by our governmental institutions.
  • Campaigns that support different climate, social justice, education, and regeneration initiatives around the world with money and other resources.
  • Campaigns to assist people to engage with their communities, their Houses of Worship, and their workplaces so that they eliminate waste, reduce carbon, and save water, energy, and money.

Each campaign will have its own budget and its own values-aligned philanthropic, corporate, and individual sources of funding and track and report on the results.

Our Planet Our Future is being initiated by Right Now! Foundation in association with a number of other partners. We believe that this collaborative strategy can build massive support for the issues and opportunities that need to be addressed and bring in very many new members and significant new resources for our Partners and for Our Planet Our Future.

We are excited to move forward holding on to the ultimate vision of engaging at least 1.5 billion people over ten years and helping cause the curve measuring carbon in the atmosphere finally to begin to bend down.

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