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Need For Urgent Action

The world needs urgent and bold action to address the climate emergency. We have the knowledge necessary to draw down carbon in the atmosphere, regenerate the Earth’s ecosystems, and create shared wellbeing for all.

Yet, the state of the planet continues to worsen. The curve measuring carbon in the atmosphere continues to go straight up as we also confront a global pandemic; ocean acidification; extreme weather; increases in poverty and wealth, gender, and cultural inequality; rapid deforestation; and accelerating degradation of our natural world.

We need moral and spiritual leadership on a planetary scale to accomplish the systemic and transformational change required to overcome this emergency. We also need to recognize that a shift in consciousness is vital to enable action that addresses the root causes of our current crisis.

As a response to this situation, a series of catalytic events will take place in Rome in October 2021, culminating in the launch of a new and potentially game-changing initiative: Our Planet Our Future.

Catalytic Events

Foundation for action: The first major Event in Rome, on October 3, will focus on the announcement of a Holy Decade of climate action. Representatives of numerous interreligious organizations and scientists will share with the world a previously unrecognized yet very important commonality in the holy books of every major religion. This commonality serves to provide the solid foundation for collaboration and friendship between all faiths to protect and restore our planet in the next 10 years on behalf of our common future.

The Call of Religious Leaders: The Second major Event in Rome, on October 4, will be a gathering of Religious Leaders and scientists to build momentum for COP26 (to be held in the UK in November 2021). This Event is inspired by the conviction that Religious Leaders can play a key role in creating the conditions for bold and courageous action to respond to the climate emergency and to promote care for creation for the sake of generations to come.

Our Planet Our Future

The events in Rome will culminate with the launch of Our Planet Our Future, a new organization structured as an innovative network and platform, designed to inspire and engage 1.5 billion people to take urgent action on the climate emergency through a 10-Year Climate Action Campaign.

As one of its first acts, Our Planet Our Future will bring together a select group of action-oriented leaders across a wide diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, for a 2-day gathering in Rome to identify opportunities to align action around 3 related themes:

Consciousness – What does it mean to work at the level of shifting consciousness (mindsets, values, and beliefs) as part of the deeper work of movement-building and systems transformation? How might such approaches and strategies invigorate individual and collective climate action?
Community – How can we engage and accelerate leadership and influence within our own communities, to spark transformative action on the climate crisis that is grounded in a shift in consciousness?
Commitment – What measurable actions and strategies can we co-create, which have the potential to catalyze local and global responses to the climate crisis, aligned with Our Planet Our Future?

Our Planet Our Future will join with partners from around the world – individuals, communities, organizations, businesses, and public agencies – in taking coordinated, urgent, measurable actions to help heal, restore, and protect our common home and realize the sustainable, regenerative future we require.

Together we can help write the next chapter in the human story – the future we choose.

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