Right Now! Foundation

Right Now! Foundation is the initiator of and fiscal agent for Our Planet Our Future and will receive and disburse funds. The Right Now! Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in The Netherlands and has a fiscal status that is the Dutch equivalent of the American 501(c)(3) not-for-profit tax-exempt status.

Right Now! was created to support environmental, social, and impact-oriented ventures that align with the inspiration and mission of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ (2015). Board Members of the Right Now! Foundation are:

  • Paul van Engen, Chairperson, Founder and Director Graham CCC
  • Samuel Zan Akologo, Executive Secretary at Caritas Ghana
  • Carolina Arriagada Peters, Managing Director at Cities & Collaboration
  • Massimiliano Falcone, External and Corporate Relations Director at the World Bank
  • Dirk Kam, Impact Investor and former Managing Director at Barefoot Power Africa
  • Rick Parnell, Executive Director, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture
  • Peter Jan Rubingh, Impact Investor and Managing Director & Owner VFR Holdings
  • Herman Wiegerinck, Impact Investor and former Director at VODW Business Transformers

The latest venture Right Now! actively supports involves a partnership with Caritas Ghana and the Diocese of Techiman (Ghana). Together, with the help of land regeneration experts and others, this partnership intends to restore at least 150.000 hectares of degraded land, owned by the Diocses of Techiman, in the next 10 years.

Through establishing syntropic agroforestry plantations on the degraded land, economic, social and environmental opportunities for the local population will be realized. At the same time, investments will be made in infrastructure, water, sanitation, schools and clinics for the benefit of employees of the plantations and the surrounding populations.

Alliance for Community Development

The Alliance for Community Development (ACD), (https://www.alliancecd.org/), founded in 1999, is serving as the fiscal sponsor for donations to Our Planet Our Future coming from the United States. ACD is a not-for-profit corporation with a 501(c) (3) tax exemption dedicated to promoting investment in low-income Bay Area communities and increasing access to capital for underrepresented entrepreneurs including but not limited to women, people of color, immigrants, and veterans. ​

It is projected that Our Planet Our Future will morph into its own not-for-profit, tax exempt NGO in the first quarter of 2023. The organization will be headquartered in the Netherlands, with an auxiliary branch in the US (California).